Heart Warming to Heart Breaking.

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

The production of the movie, ” A Dog’s Purpose” has cause a firestorm of controversy from both sides. It can be difficult, in the current atmosphere of distrust towards ALL media, to take any story at face value. A dog behaviorist/trainer from central Ohio, Angie Ballman-Winters put out this video commentary, and it provides some clarity. The levels of failure on the part of the Director and the production crew are to numerable to report. The representatives of the Humane society and their failures are worthy of intense investigation and censure.
Having read the original book, this film was one that I looked forward to seeing for myself. That will not happen now.

I would love to hear from my readers what your thoughts are on this unfortunate, nearly tragic, situation.



  1. Kathy Monagh says:

    Hollywood at its best sacrifice any animal for profit. What was the recent movie, War Horse? The Humane Society was on that set he entire time and yet the poor horse was so battered it had to be destroyed. What the hell !!! There are laws against cruelty to animals and when Hollywood + Humane Society luckiest = torture and death for profit no one prosecutes from thelocal attorney general’ office and that = complicancy in crime. The same old story the rich live by their own rules. Hope Trump can straighten out the. Orrupt mess we have here “