A Worthy Invitation for Debate from Ivan Balabanov…

Posted: April 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

In the general interest of the Dog Training industry, one of our finest has gently laid the gauntlet down…Should this event take place, it could produce very fine fruitage. Will the Purely Positive movement accept the challenge? They have a history of ignoring such debate, so hopefully Ivan’s invite will stir one of them out of their place of hiding…We at GSA will keep our eyes on this one for sure. Here’s the invitation from Ivan himself on his Facebook page!

“Here is a very typical slogan from the Positive reinforcement movement :
“We need to promote Science based, humane practices, not outdated and cruel methods and equipment ”
Using the right wording goes long way, and it sure touches people’s hearts, after all who wants to hurt and abuse dogs?!
If there will be enough interest, I would like to invite one or two from the best of the best in the R+ movement : Dr Karen Overall, Ken Ramirez, Karen Pryor, Thad Lacinak, Ian Dunbar, Victoria Stilwell, Niki Tudge (not in any order) in a civil open discussion, debate (with an approved from both sides mediator).
We will stream it live. Together we will select the topics and also open for QA at the end.
It might as well be a paid event with all the proceeds going to dog charity organizations.
Let’s have a productive, educational conversation as we treat each other with respect.
I believe it can be done, and it should be done! Imagine if something great comes out of it?”

Here’s the link to Ivan’s page https://www.facebook.com/Ivan.Balabanov/
I hope that if there is enough interest for it – we can make it happen!


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