Balanced Dog Parenting Plan. Video Review.

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When the word “Parenting” is attached to training a dog, it may cause doubts in the mind of serious dog trainers. Many will dismiss the product as “anthropomorphizing” the dog, trying to make the dog into a furry little human. The dog training world loves to fight about verbage and the meaning of phraseology. Everybody wants to make words support their individual viewpoint. But wait just a minute, and hear me out. This 90 minute video, by trainer Angie Ballman-Winter manages to include both words into it’s title, and it does so admirably and convincingly.
German Shepherd Adventures was honored to be invited to a preview of the nearly finished video recently, and we came away very impressed by what we saw, heard, and learned.
The video presentation is titled “Puppy and Dog Parenting Program”, and is the second release in the Angie4dogs video library. Angie has created a well-thought out, easy to follow, and effective instructional resource.
Intended for pet owners and their dogs, professional trainers might easily find much of value within, and they should not dismiss this video out-of-hand as below them. Angie is an experienced, competent, professional trainer, worthy of your attention.
Her special talent is working with everyday dog owners, teaching them to build a relationship with their pet that benefits them for their entire life. Her practice focuses on working with people and dogs in their own home, together, rather than excluding the human family in a “Board and Train” situation. An approach that we admire and support fully.
The contents of the video are divided into sections entitled, “Puppy Rights”, “Puppy Rules”, “Potty Training”, “Kids and Dogs”, “Chewing”, “In The Car”, “Yard Manners”, “Other Dogs And Cats”, “Guidance”, and the wrap-up, “Balanced Dog Parenting Plan”. I won’t give away the contents of each and every heading, but every one of them is discussed and described with a kindness ,thoroughness, and spirit of fun that makes 90 minutes pass quickly. The tone of the instruction never talks down to the viewer, whether new or experienced. There is a great feeling of conviction in the presentation, born of practical experience on the trainers part.
Two other headings are especially helpful, one titled “Puppy Practice”, and best of all, “People Practice”. Both practical hands-on approaches that produce results for both ends of the leash. Enabling the pet dog owner to continue what they learn after the trainer has gone home. The tone of these chapters works hard to build confidence in even the newest dog owners, that they can be successful creating a well-behaved and mentally balanced pet.
Two other subjects were of special interest, and may be something that Angie can build on in future videos. Brief mention is made of “The Touch”, and the “Mother Dog-Hold”, techniques that enhance “Guidance” and “Communication” with and for puppies. I believe that she may have much more to teach on those subjects.
Well designed, clear, graphic presentations are used throughout the presentation, which makes them wonderful resources for recall of important points. There’s no fluff here, everything needs to be where it has been placed. The presentation is thoroughly professional, and her technical film/editing crew are simply top-notch. Unlike so many dog training videos produced today, this is a work of art technically speaking. Everything looks and sounds like is was photographed ad produced by people who care about the art of making instructional video.

There, that finishes my “professional, journalistic” review of the “Puppy and Dog Parenting Program”, by Angie Ballman-Winters. Now let me gush about the video as a customer. This is a great video that deserves a place in every dog owners library, and every professional dog-trainer will certainly benefit from it. The discussion of “Parenting” a dog, (or puppy) is convincing, and may well influence your own thinking, and approach to working with any dog. This is not a “New-Age”, fluffy subject, but rather a proven way to build a better relationship with the dog.

The video will have multiple ways of access when finished this spring, streamed on-line, and as a physical DVD. As the release is finalized, GSA will give further instruction so that you may purchase this wonderful program!


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