Your Dog Sees You Completely Naked…

Posted: July 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

One of the benefits of writing for the public eye, is the learning that I do with every post, article or chapter. The feedback you get is revealing, and sometimes deeply poignant. Other replies are so angry that you feel the heat coming off the computer screen. In the other parts of my life, I have the privilege of doing a lot of public-speaking to groups. My particular speaking- style involves being quite informal, and occasionally leaving my prepared comments for brief forays into “straight from the heart.” I always learn a lot from these events.
The biggest lesson I’ve gleaned over the years? Words and thoughts are tangible things that affect the souls around you. Use them wisely, kindly, and judiciously.
Okay, what does that have to do with being seen naked by your dog? Good question. I’ll try and make this simple. And the good news is this: You won’t feel like you need to hit the gym or the Weight Watchers section of the grocery store because of your dog.
As we learn to communicate with our dogs on a level beyond constant food treats, clicking, and leash techniques, it becomes evident that most of the communication is a one way street. The street leads from you, downhill, to the Dog. The dog reads you perfectly, but the reciprocal is mostly non-existent. The dog sees right thru every emotion, tension, and joy that you feel. He expertly bases his every move based on the emotion pouring out of his human like a faucet on the sinking Titanic. They sense our “energy”, and they read it fluently. And this works with every human they encounter. The energetic output of the human person is an open book to our dogs. Have you ever sensed that your dog doesn’t “like” someone? Sure you have. How does the dog know? How does the dog know? It’s because we are truly emotionally naked in the eyes of the dog. At least figuratively.
Dogs are perceptive beings, much as we humans are, with some differences. Dogs actually determine the value or threat of humans in very short order. Humans? We get fooled all the time, and that’s how large bridges get sold, and fake Rolexes end up on unsuspecting wrists. Go ahead, try to sell a dog the Golden Gate Bridge. He won’t go for even the best bargain basement price! Offer a dog a Reverse mortgage, and he’ll ignore you. He’s not that easily fooled.
But seriously, think about this: Has your dog ever reacted to a stranger in such a way that you wondered what was wrong with that individual that seemingly, did nothing to provoke any reaction? We humans broadcast our every emotion to the far reaches of the galaxy because we can’t help ourselves. Happy, Mad, Glad, and Sad, we broadcast all of it. We are mentally naked to the most pedestrian of dogs. Even more so to those dogs with training in protection.
Another good example of this can be seen at any dog park. There are always people to be seen, yelling or cursing at their own dog when it refuses to come to them. Other transgressions are also met with snarly remarks, name-calling or even swatting the dog. The dog reads this stuff like an eviction notice, and refuses to submit to it.
The fact that our dogs can see us as the naked, emotional, unstable, humans that we are, makes one correction necessary on our part. As handlers, trainers, or just owners, we do our dogs a giant favor by simply learning to calm our inner selves, and providing a calm, supportive, atmosphere. I’ve observed a young handler at an agility competition that further supports what I’m saying here.

The young lady had a wonderful Aussie that clearly loved the competition ring. That day, the handler was upset about something, perhaps outside of the competition. I don’t really know. But between runs, she talked to several different people and it was easy to see her anger was hanging out all over. The dog had begun hanging back from her on his leash, trying to avoid her emotional thunderstorm. As the day progressed, the dogs performances got steadily worse. As that happened, the handler became less and less patient. Her own performance became quite unsteady, and they both went home disappointed and angry. Previously, that same team had won a national level competition. This was about what the dog was seeing in his “naked” owner. Emotional energy of a negative charge.
Think about this whenever you are with your dog. What energy am I transmitting to the universe? What naked appendage is my dog seeing? We need to put on a coat of calm, with a nice turtleneck of positive attitude, and a pair of comfortable, confident, loafers. A pair of high energy, supportive and active Nike’s.
Again, this will take work and effort on our part as humans. After all, the dog can’t help but see us “naked”…Lets show our dogs the best parts!!!


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