Vale Bill (William E.) Campbell, 1929~2014.

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Wagging School Dog Training

On 18th January 2014, the dog training community lost one of its most profound thinkers. Bill Campbell passed away near his home in Grants Pass, Oregon, in the US, aged 85. He beloved wife and life-long partner, Peggy, was with him and held his hand as he departed.

I had the privilege of meeting Bill and Peggy, and their mini Dachshund, “Punkin”, then 7 months old,  in 1993, when I went to the US with the late Wendy Nicholson, to attend various dog training seminars and workshops.

I had been training dogs professionally, on a part-time basis, since 1989. I was pretty much self-taught. When I got a call from a client, I would talk to them at length to find out as much as I could about the issues the owner was having with their dog, and then I would go off and try to research what to do…

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