North Country introduces “DayVentures”.

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North Country Canine Launches DayVentures™

Beginning September 1st, 2018, we are pleased to introduce an alternative to traditional Dog Daycare that we call DayVentures™.

DayVentures™ is not a “drop-off and warehouse your family pet” for 8 to 10 hours service, nor are we a boarding kennel. We offer something better, something your dog needs. Stimulating activity, adventure, play, exploration, one-on-one attention, and professional training. North Country Canine is 100% staffed by trained, experienced, and Nationally Certified Dog Trainers and Behaviorists, and these are the people that will take care of your dog. Most Boarding kennels, no matter how cosmetically beautiful, are staffed by young, inexperienced, employees. That’s where North Country Canine exceeds the expectations of our clientele. Not only are our people nationally certified by the National K9 School for Dog Trainers as Master Trainers, we also have two decades of hands-on practical experience with dogs of all breeds and temperaments. This training and experience has lead us to the development of DayVentures™, a program that puts your dog first, rather than waiting for hours in kennel or crate for his ten minutes of activity. In fact, for the time that you choose, your dog is in motion, learning, growing, or just working off his energies in positive, innovative, and imaginative activities.
Here’s how DayVentures™ works, Summer or Winter!!
Our adventure will run from 2 hours total, up to 8 hours in length, depending on the package that you select. During that time, we will pick up your dog and embark on our DayVenture™ which may include, extended walks exploring towns, parks, trails, marina’s, and beaches. We can also include exercise programs, specialized games such as Scent Work, Tug Work, and Agility, socialization and exercises for other people and environments, or more formal training for your dog. We also run Confidence Building Programs that will help puppies, and older dogs with their confidence level. Your dog will be in constant motion, under the safe supervision of an experienced, professional, Dog Trainer.
During your dogs’ DayVenture™, we can also give meals that you provide, necessary medications, or accompany your dog to veterinary or grooming appointments as determined by your needs. Do you have other requests? Talk to us, and we’ll do our best to provide what you need. Price Packages are as follows, with a minimum of 2 hours required.

*2 Hour DayVenture™ (pick up to delivery) $100.00
*4 Hour DayVenture™ (pick up to delivery) $150.00
*6 Hour DayVenture™ (pick up to delivery) $250.00
* Regular weekly scheduled DayVentures™ of at least 3 weeks in length will be priced at a %25 reduction in total charges.
*Weekend or Holiday Appointments can be pre-arranged with a %25 Upcharge on total charges.
We book a maximum of only Three, 2 hour appointments per day, and only One 4 or 6 hour appointment to allow travel time and prep time for our appointments.
Our Daily hours are 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Pick Up is prompt and dependable at the hour predetermined by your appointment.
Our personnel are insured, and take the utmost, professional responsibility in our activities while hosting your dogs DayVenture™. Best Communication is thru Text Messaging to our business line (419) 206-9315 listed above with the message, “DayVenture”. We will return your call promptly!


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