About: Who we are, what we’re doing here, and other stuff.

I am owned by two German Shepherds, and an understanding, long-suffering, lady of the human persuasion.  My work revolves around canine pursuits, including Search & Rescue, Cadaver work, and Scent detection of controlled substances.  Since stepping into the world of the dog-professional several years ago, I have made a concerted effort to learn, share, teach, help, ask for help, and keep a written record of everything.  That happened because I am a Writer, whether or not I would choose to be one.  I write everyday, without the action ever feeling like work, because I love to write.  Sometimes I write non-sense which rambles off into the ether of cyber-space and is fortunately lost forever.  Other times I edit myself mercilessly, researching and fine-tuning until I feel it’s worthy to be read by somebody, anybody, else.  Then there are those times of wild, reckless, abandon when words jump off my furiously typing fingers like bullets from an AK-47.  It’s Stream of Consciousness, and about the most fun that any writer can aspire too.  Those are the times that keep me at this blog…Sometimes I look back and say to myself “Did I write that?  How did a goofball like me have that penned up in my cerebral cortex?”  Here’s an example of that: https://germanshepherdadventures.wordpress.com/2011/09/11/hi-fur-face/

Holly, Omorrow’s Blossom of Autumn

Other times, things pop up on the page that prove to me that someone has been snorting down shots of Absinthe and attacking a word-processor, like this:  https://germanshepherdadventures.wordpress.com/2011/05/15/interview-with-the-dog-or-what-happens-when-were-trapped-inside-by-rain/

You may also notice that I give time to write about the person that I credit with sending me down the “German Shepherd Road”.  Her name is Rhonda Sellers, owner of “Omorrow German Shepherds” in Central Ohio.  (See Omorrow German Shepherds on Facebook!)  Not only does she breed the Old World German Shepherds that Von Stephanitz envisioned, she has inspired and delighted the people that she chooses to adopt her puppies.  They are happy, healthy, and a delight to both families, and the professionals that join this large,sometimes crazy Pack of Omorrow owners.  Rhonda will always be connected to “German Shepherd Adventures” as a mentor, muse, and friend.  Even though this blog is now seen World-wide by more than 130,000 subscribers, much of my inspiration still comes from this great Lady, and friend from rural Ohio.  And I mean, seriously Rural!!!  We’re talking cornfields and woodlots…but her influence and thoughts on dog behavior will inspire and enlighten all who read them here.

Hans, Omorrow’s son of Blitkreig.

Otherwise, you’ll find me writing about veterinary concerns, German shepherd news, Agility training, Book and DVD reviews, or the ever present War on Cesar Millan haters, (a subject that won’t go away).  I don’t back away from the fray either, as some wish I would.  I have learned that every method of dog training has positives, and I also KNOW that each and every individual dog on God’s green Earth has it’s own particular needs and wants.  I respect that in my training, and in my writing.  What I will fight tooth and nail (Or Noun and Verb) against is the incessant MILITANCY of those who practice a particular method, and denounce any other method as useless.  Or even Cruel.  Or unscientific.  Or even worse, Unenlightened.  There’s so much more out there that your dog needs!!!  Some will never accept what I write here, because I don’t display the degree’s of the worlds educational Institutions, (Though I have them), nor do I rely on “Pure Science” for my conclusions or opinions.  Science is a means to something greater, where the shackles of “pure science” are thankfully cast off.  But, I’m not a wild-eyed, tree-hugging, grass-smoking, advocate of dogs being “Spiritual Creatures” and that sort of rot.  Dogs are ANIMALS, and they “Think” like animals.  However, they were created (Oh Horrors! He Believes in God and Creation!! You bet your last chromosome I do)
to be with HUMANS as companions, and they deserve our best efforts to honor that relationship.

While I am a “Trainer”, I am more wholeheartedly a “Handler” of canines.  With that sensibility, I have begun writing about an adjunct to any method of “Training” that I have come to call “The Communicative Approach to Training Techniques” or C.A.T.T.   It is a “Relationship based” mind-set that can and should be applied to all training ideologies or sciences.  It is very much an acorn right now, but I hope it becomes a Giant Oak someday.

That’s “About” me and German Shepherd Adventures…I hope you will read this stuff with thoughtfulness, open mind, and the knowledge that sometimes, I’m just out of my mind.  But also know that I love my work, my dogs, YOUR dogs, and the fact that I get to do this everyday…   Please enjoy your visits here!!!

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and am thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. I am the co-owner of a security company and handler to a Presa Canario who is in training to work for us in search and apprehension. Our first contract together comes up later this year. Thanks for your hard work on this blog, we are reaping the benefits of your knowledge 🙂

  2. Dude I love your attitude, hope to be getting back into the dogs soon after a 10 15-year hiatus. Even if it’s just as a heavy hobby’st. There is lots to learn and grow from since I’ve been off the playing field.. There is a famous saying coined by me as a kid, as I started into the world as a professional dog trainer back in the 80’s..

    ” I know everything, and I know nothing.. And I know nothing before I know everything, and I hope I feel this way when I’m 85..”

    Now that I’m a little older I need to take this up to around 115, Lifes to short…

    In other words you never stop learning and growing. When you do, it’s time to hang it up and turn out the lights..

    The one thing from reading your opening post that you mentioned. Is a healthy attitude of diversity in training technics.. I’ve always felt that the more tricks I have in my bag to draw from the better. There are millions of different personalities in dogs and owners.. The more tricks I have to pull from, the better. As one of them is bound to work on the situation I may be faced with at the time..

    Didn’t realize there was so many Cesar Millan haters. Have to admit I haven’t watched his show all that much, but I did live with him and hang out with him for three or four years, way back in another lifetime. Before he became what I like to coin as “Mr. Hollywood” My training and philosophies are quite different from his.. Though there are many things I think we learned from each other in the time we were hanging out together..

    Book marked your site.. Will be watching to see how your 2015 does turn out..


  3. Charlotte Legare says:

    Might I please ask, how may I submit my artwork? I am the proud human half of guide dog team. My guide is a German Shepherd Dog and I am an artist. I would be honored if you would take a look at some of my work and, if you deem it acceptable, show a few examples.
    Charlotte J Legare

  4. Cliff says:

    Kevin behan at naturaldogtraining.com

  5. Marie says:

    Hi, We have ‘inherited’ out daughter’s 2 year old German Shepherd/lab. We have had her since Nov. and are very frustrated. She is truly GERMAN and stubborn. She is smart, totally loveable, but as of yesterday I see a very real possibility of her biting someone who comes into the yard. When the delivery man came, no matter how hard I tried to get her to stay in the house or in the garage, she got past me and eventually got her head inside the truck’s door.
    We have started obedience class and are trying to be diligent watching her, but feel like we are lost and are worried about the outcome. Our grandkids cry because they can’t take her home, and we’ve promised not to take her to the Humane Society. We feel desperate. We asked about underground fencing and the man said he won’t do it because of her behavior. Can you give us any encouragement/ideas??? Thank You for listening.

  6. Love your blog and especially loved seeing my “hero” Hans and his ‘sister’ Holly today at Paws in the Plaza – ok, you two pawrents as well!!.It is great to read about life with these two and to get to know Hans as more than just the stellar tracking GSD that I originally knew him as!
    Best to you and a special ear scritch for Hans – tracker extraordinaire of the intrepid wandering Sloughi – CharlieBones – aka Plumed Serpent’s Centauri (who, by the way, refuses to try to sneak out after his 79 hour Tour de Gahanna – Easter Weekend 2012. ) Tibbi Ramsdell and the Gahanna 4-pack of gazehounds.

  7. Julia Rothe says:

    Your blog introduced me to NDT (thank you) and I continue to pour over Behan’s books. We are on the cusp of getting a GSD and trying to educate ourselves about training options/classes in the Cincinnati area. Attending classes without a dog is a bit of an anomaly, but it feels important to scout out options ahead of time. I am unclear if you do training or demonstrate NDT methods for folks trying to learn NDT. My husband and I would benefit from first-hand experience of NDT methods so please let me know via email if you do such training in the Gahanna area. Thanks!

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