Omorrow German Shepherds.

Since the first day that “German Shepherd Adventures” was published, the words, “…featuring Omorrow German Shepherds”,  have ridden on the masthead below the title.  I’ve been proud to display these words there, and my support remains for Rhonda Sellers and her wonderful facility and her dogs.  Now I will be placing the words “Omorrow German Shepherds” in an even more valuable position, by giving her a permanent page and link to her sites.  Without Rhonda, my canine career would never have started, and this blog would never have seen the light of day.  Her dogs were my first, and best experience with a breeder among dozens that I was able to visit.  She has an ability with German Shepherds and their progeny that is second to none in the German Shepherd world.  Of course, there have been those that would detract from Rhonda and the Omorrow dogs, wholly out of complete ignorance or fear of competition.  People are free to say anything that they like, and spread it like sewage all over the internet.  That’s why I decided that it was time to elevate my support for Omorrow German Shepherds into this page.  If you are looking for a German Shepherd, and want a Healthy, Happy, family pet that is unsurpassed in temperament, look no further.  If you visit her Facebook page (Omorrow German Shepherds) you will meet  her Pack of loyal friends, that will give you every detail of their particular experience with Omorrow dogs.  For 30 years, she has been making friends and producing the most wonderful German Shepherds from old world German and Hungarian bloodlines.  Do you want something more?  Perhaps an Agility partner?  A Competitive Tracking/Nosework dog?  How about going after a schutzhund title or FEMA certification as a Search & Rescue Partner?  The offspring of her foundation dogs have achieved all of these things, and excelled at them!  Canine Good Citizen title leading to Therapy or assistance dog status?  The temperament of select members of her stock are working right now in these endeavors.  Successfully, and beyond the expectations of their owners.  Before you rely on word of mouth  (or worse, slander by internet!) about ANY breeder, visit them in person and meet the dogs that will breed your new German Shepherd puppy in person.  Meet the person that is deciding which line to breed from her brood, and ask her why this dog or that dog, and the history of the bloodline that supports her determination and expectation.  Nothing replaces hands on visitation and freedom to watch the dogs in action or at play…not even the longest printed copy of titles, accomplishments, or trophies in the world. 

I invite you to visit here Facebook page, and meet the human side of the Pack, and ask your questions.  Then set up a time to visit the Omorrow Kennel in Butler, Ohio and see for yourself…

 "We need to talk Mom and Dad.  I'll Talk, and you listen!"

“We need to talk Mom and Dad. I’ll Talk, and you listen!”

  1. Marta Jones says:

    I have a question….I have a beautiful dog names Shay that is 4 years old. I have had her since she was 10 weeks old and she is my big baby. I wonder, since you are familiar with GSDs, could you see her picture and tell if she’s got quite a bit of GSD and maybe what else?

  2. Robert says:

    You got it! Sorry it’s been that kind of a month!!

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